My Microblading Experience

My microblading experience

As you know from my previous post, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Indy Microblading for a microblading procedure. As someone who has half-missing eyebrows and have had to pencil them in for years, I was always self-conscious. I wouldn’t go anywhere without filling them in! Sound familiar? Perhaps you are thinking about getting the procedure done as well, but want to know the full scoop on microblading first– Keep on reading! It’s lengthy, but all very important! Pictures will be included all throughout this post.

First, it is SO important to find someone who is knowledgeable and has experience. Microblading can last 18-24 months, so you want to go to someone who you trust. Carlyn from Indy Microblading blew me away. Due to her medical background, her cosmetic and esthetician background, and not to mention her years of experience, I knew I was in safe hands. Plus, she is so sweet and beyond professional!
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Holiday Gift Guide for Her

gift guide for her

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I can’t believe it’s nearly holiday time! Nick and I have been so busy working on the home, it seems as though time flew by so fast.  If you are like me, you like to get a head start on gifts. I will start to work on some gift guides like the one above to help you shop! Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Updated Makeup Favorites

Updated Makeup Favorites

Hey all! Long time writer, long time since posting (sorry)! I’m well-overdue for a beauty related post!  Since the majority of questions I get asked are in relation to makeup, I thought I would do an updated makeup favorites post! Doing freelance bridal makeup, there are definitely my favorite go to’s, but for me in my every day life, there are so many products I use that I really have been loving I want to share with you all. In this post, we will cover skincare and makeup!


I received promotional items from Kiehl’s for a fundraiser they had last month. One of the products they sent me was an oil. Prior to receiving, I had never tried an oil before for skincare. Hesitant, because…oil… I went for it. Oh my gosh–I have fallen IN LOVE! Somehow it’s quick absorbing and not greasy at all. I do have to wash my hands after using this product, but wow–I wake up and see a difference! My skin looks brightened, more clear in tone, and balanced. It’s called Midnight Recovery Oil  which is meant to enhance the skin’s nighttime recovery. Definitely get your hands on this! One other product by Kieh’s worth mentioning and now part of my daily routine is their Creamy Eye Treatment. Meant for the under-eye, it’s a concentrated avocado oil formula meant to moisturize. It absorbs so quickly and keeps this area beyond hydrated! So thankful to be introduced!

Last but not least for the skin category is more of a misting refresher. It’s the Mario Badescu Facial Spray (aloe, herbs, and rosewater). I use this before makeup, after I set my makeup, and when it’s been a long day and I need a refresher. It smells so good, is so inexpensive ($7), and a new favorite of mine!

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Microblading with Indy Microblading

My Microblading experience (2)

As you may recall, I am beyond delighted to share that I will be collaborating with the ever-so-talented, Indy Microblading, LLC to get my brows microbladed! Save the date for July 3rd at 1:00 PM EST to follow along with my microblading experience!

A little background: What started out for a love of makeup turned into doing freelance bridal makeup in the Indianapolis area. With that said, you know that I am always sharing products, tips and tricks on Snapchat, Instastories, and on my blog. It took me quite a bit of courage one day to show you all something that has always been an insecurity of mine: My half-missing eyebrows.

When sharing this on social media, I received so many comments from readers thanking me for doing that. I even had someone send me a selfie of their brows saying, “mine are missing too!”. It just goes to show that we all have something we are insecure about. I literally couldn’t imagine leaving the house with my brows on!

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