Booties for Petites


As someone who is very petite (5’2 to be exact), sometimes booties are hard to shop for. Not because there aren’t thousands to choose from, but coming from someone who has short legs and muscular thighs, some simply don’t look right on me. If you don’t get the right height around the ankle, you can look even shorter. This isn’t a fond or fair moment for me. Sound familiar? Let’s fix that!

Not all booties were created equally…

I laughed when I typed that. *Butt* seriously! Every bootie is so different! If you are going to try some on, try them on with what you actually plan to wear them with; A fall dress, or your favorite fall jeans. If they don’t look good with your favorite outfits, they probably won’t look good with anything else.

Which bootie and how to style?

I opt for a chopped heel for a casual boot. I’m not ruling out a flat bootie, but if you find one you love, stick with a pointed toe. It elongates the leg!

When in doubt, roll your jeans into a cuff. How much or how high? Grab a long mirror or stand on your toilet to check in the mirror. Works like a charm! The *only* time I do not roll my jeans into a cuff is if the ankle boot hits my ankle really low and I have skinny ankle pants on. Avoid any bootcut jeans here. Bagginess is not good in this case!

Looking for more of a western boot that comes up higher on the ankle? Try pairing with a fall dress or a legging. You’ll avoid the even shorter leg look!

There you have it. A few of my favorite bootie tips. Now time to shop!