Our Wedding

Our wedding day was a dream…literally a dream. All the planning and decision making was beyond worth it. Seeing all of our closest friends and family in one room was more meaningful than words can explain. Thank you all for celebrating with us, it meant the world!

©Britt Behind the Scenes

Getting Ready

We started getting ready around 9:30 AM. Having an itinerary to review in advance was critical (for parents, groomsmen, etc.) so everyone knew where to be and when. The ladies got ready at a hotel near the church. We enjoyed mimosas, bagels, fruit and had some water on hand. We also catered in Jimmy Johns for sandwiches since the ceremony didn’t start until 4:30 PM. Overall, it was so fun getting ready with everyone, wearing our fancy robes, drinking mimosas and just enjoying the process! 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM seemed like it would be a long time, but it honestly flew by!


For our photographer, we chose Jamie Sangar. She is beyond talented! During research time for a photographer, I came across wedding pictures from someone I went to college with that got married. They were absolutely stunning, and that’s how I found Jamie. When I told Nick about her, he ended up knowing her! Come to find out, her dad had been best friend’s with Nick’s dad! Such a small world.

Anyways, during the planning phase, Jamie and I cranked out a plan for if it rained. Unfortunately, weather for the wedding day was awful. Cold and rainy! Luckily, our ceremony and reception was indoors, but we really wanted outdoor pictures. I was hoping the rain would hold off for pictures, but by the time 2:30 PM rolled around, it was a downpour. The first set of pictures we took were Nick and I’s “first look” pictures. I never thought I would do that, but it was a timing issue and I also think it helped alleviate my nerves! I also loved that we captured the private and intimate moment of seeing each other for the first time. We took these pictures at our reception location, The Ritz Charles, in their front entrance area, which had a very southern charm look and feel. It was also was completely covered from the rain (thank goodness).

After those pictures, Nick and I met the rest of the bridal party at our other location which was at the Carmel Civic Theater. Did I mention we were hydroplaning on the way there? Needless to say the Gazebo at the location would have been perfect, but it was flooded everywhere and it would have been impossible to walk outside to get there. I called Jaime in the car and said, “Let’s head back to the Ritz”. It was a last minute decision but hey, we had do something, so that’s what we did! Call it the hiccup of the wedding, but you cannot control weather.

Britt Tip: Have a rain back up plan. You just never know!

©Britt Behind the Scenes 2016
©Britt Behind the Scenes 2016

The Ceremony

After all pictures had been taken, we headed to the church. We got married at St. Luke’s United Methodist church, which we are members of. I started to get a little nervous at this point, because it was so close to happening! By the time the bridal party got dismissed to start the ceremony, it was just my Dad and I in this big room waiting to be notified from the coordinator that it was time to walk down the aisle. Brides, please note you’ll probably get very anxious at this moment. I felt like we were waiting forever! My dad asked me if I was nervous or excited, and I said, “Both!” At this point, I have to share a very funny memory with my Dad right before walking in:

Britt: “I really want to avoid crying, because I know it will be an ugly cry if I do.”
Dad: “It’s completely okay to cry, you know.”
Britt: “I know, but I just would rather not have pictures of my ugly cry. Tell me something to think of so I don’t.”
Dad: “I don’t know, Popcorn?”

We both just started laughing. It completed diverted my attention and the entire aisle walk all I could think about was popcorn. Thanks, Dad!

Dad and I walked down the aisle, I didn’t trip or cry, and Nick and I didn’t mess up our vowels (Nick’s greatest fear). Honestly, I was just so happy. I literally just remember feeling so excited that Nick was going to be my husband. It was the neatest feeling and I’ll never forget it! After being announced husband and wife and making our exit, we came back to greet everyone in the pews. We really wanted to do this to make sure we saw everyone. We had family and friends travel from all over, so this was so important to us.

©Britt Behind the Scenes
©Britt Behind the Scenes

The Reception

After the ceremony and taking pictures at the church, Nick and I drove off in my dad’s sports car to the reception. After the wedding, Nick and I talked about what our favorite part of the wedding was, and we both agreed that moment was our favorite. The first picture in the beginning of this post was when we were in the car. It was just so fun to catch up as we had not seen each other all day and hadn’t had a chance to talk. It sounds silly since we see each other daily, but it was so neat to talk about everything that had happened so far and realizing we were officially husband and wife.

After arriving at the ceremony, we had to wait to enter. I had not seen what the reception looked like (which is something you don’t think about), so I was dying to see the inside. Finally we got introduced (accidentally as my maiden name, FYI–which we all thought was hilarious!) we got seated, and the party began!

I still cannot believe that our special day is over, but now our life together begins! I could not have envisioned a more wonderful day. Thank you to everyone who made that happen. To all our friends and family, we are ever grateful for you!

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Other Details:

Florist: Warner’s Greenhouse in Logansport
The flowers were beyond my expectation. My bouquet was hands down the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had a theme of soft pink, ivory, and a touch of green. We used peonies, sahara roses, hydrangeas, mini roses, and dusty miller for the flowers.

Wedding Dress: Marie Gabriel Couture in Indianapolis
If you want a perfect bridal dress experience, simply go to Marie Gabriel! They took care of every detail from day one. I don’t have a picture yet of my dress on, so I’ll post pictures when I get them back from Jamie. My dress designer was Monique Lhuillier, and I had an embroidered belt to go with it. The dress had a scalloped bottom with a train, and buttons all down the back. I wore a short veil and a long cathedral veil for the ceremony. Make sure to read about my dress shopping experience.

DJ: Dr. DJ Dance, Greg Binder in Indianapolis
The music was wonderful and he kept the dance floor packed! His ratings on the knot were what sold us and he did not disappoint!

Stay tuned for honeymoon details! If you have any questions, feel free to comment on my Instagram or email me with my information below.

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