Meeting with Your Florist

meeting with your florist

So you have decided what colors you would like to incorporate for your wedding day and maybe even have a special flower you want use in your bouquet. Is that enough detail to know for your florist meeting?

Not necessarily. There is nothing wrong with not knowing everything prior to your meeting, but there are some things to think about that will help your florist understand your vision better. I remember when I had my florist meeting, I thought I was prepared because I knew what type of flowers I liked. But there is so much more to it than that! Needless to say, my mom and I were there for two hours and I was trying to answer things I hadn’t thought of previously. So, let’s get into what you should expect from the meeting, how you can prepare to be able to answer as much as possible, and also discuss the ways your florist can help you!

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Lipstick for Wedding Day

Lipstick for Wedding Day

I had a friend recently become engaged and it immediately brought me back to that butterfly stage of all the fun planning and excitement that comes with weddings! As for any bride, there are plenty of decisions to make.

Looking back to my special day, one of the most tedious decisions I had to make was choosing my lipstick color and consistency. I couldn’t believe I had so much trouble finding a shade! I knew I wanted something to show (up as wedding photography can drown you out), yet I didn’t want to look like a clown or too harsh either.

With that said, I wanted to walk through the importance of understanding lipstick consistency first and then get into some recommended shades. I do bridal makeup in the Indianapolis area and definitely have some tried and true options for all complexions!

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Honeymoon to Jamaica

honeymoon in jamaica

It’s hard to believe it has been a month since our wedding! I feel like it’s been forever since I have done a blog post but Nick and I have been playing major catch up on thank you notes and all the aftermath from the wedding. My sincerest apologies! Now that I have had some time on my hands I wanted to share some details on our incredible honeymoon to Jamaica!

Nick and I traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and stayed at the all-inclusive Sandals Resort. It was nothing short of fabulous, but I wanted to give the ins and outs for planning a honeymoon as well as some specifics about our stay.

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Our Wedding in Indianapolis, IN

©Britt Behind the Scenes

Our wedding day was a dream…literally a dream. All the planning and decision making was beyond worth it. Seeing all of our closest friends and family in one room was more meaningful than words can explain. Thank you all for celebrating with us, it meant the world!

Getting Ready

We started getting ready around 9:30 AM. Having an itinerary to review in advance was critical (for parents, groomsmen, etc.) so everyone knew where to be and when. The ladies got ready at a hotel near the church. We enjoyed mimosas, bagels, fruit and had some water on hand. We also catered in Jimmy Johns for sandwiches since the ceremony didn’t start until 4:30 PM. Overall, it was so fun getting ready with everyone, wearing our fancy robes, drinking mimosas and just enjoying the process! 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM seemed like it would be a long time, but it honestly flew by!

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