Chopped! Hair edition

A behind the scenes of cutting my hair off:

First, let me admit that I am not a first timer with short hair. I’ve had a few different short hairstyles over the past few years, but this particular cut happens to be my favorite cut thus far. I’ve had longer hair in high school, and right before I cut it a couple days ago, it was getting some length in the back. I knew my boyfriend was definitely a fan of my longer hair, but as much as I was trying to grow it out, I just knew I needed to cut it for a few reasons:

Uneven Length:

The front strands that surrounded my face weren’t willing to keep up with back half of my head, where you could find the healthy strands. Apparently, constant styling got the best of my fine, easily damaged hair. It was starting to look like business in the front, party in the back. I can’t believe my hair fell into that category.

Damaged Hair:

Unfortunately, I was not born with luscious shiny, thick locks. I nearly always air dry, and keep up with using heat protectors, but unfortunately my thin hair gets easily damaged. An easy way to get rid of the damage is simply to chop it off.

No Volume:

The reason short hair works for me is because it adds body to my limp hair. Short hair is an immediate way to spruce up those fine locks!

How do I know if short hair is for me?

Short hair is virtually for everyone. Short can mean chin length to one person whereas below the shoulders to another. You may not have fine hair like me but maybe you are looking for a change. Take the plunge with me! Short hair is in this fall. Even Lauren Conrad cut off her famous locks! Not to mention, Kristen Cavallari has been rocking the short hair for some time now. Let’s look into particular types of cuts and define what will look best based on your hair profile:

Blunt Cut

Not much needed description here. Simply a straight across cut. . This is a very chic look, and looks fantastic straightened. An ideal length would be at the shoulders or a few inches below (this is known as a LOB). This hairstyle looks great on thick or fine hair.

blunt cut5 blunt cutolivia

Textured Cut

Whether you want a blunt cut or an angled bob, adding texture will work well if you are looking to add dimension.  I asked my stylist to even out my length for the front and back strands, which put my hair at shoulder length. She then cut ‘divets’,  into my hair for added texture along the bottom. I let her know I wanted to create beachy waves, using a curling iron. She explained adding texture will give it a messy uneven curl when styling–which is a good thing.

  • Ideal Cut for Thick Hair and/or Curly Hair: LOB, or blunt cut
  • Ideal Cut for Thin Hair:  Any of the styles discussed

textured cut textured 2

Styling tips

Going from long hair to short can be quite an adjustment. Below are a list of a few tips to consider:

  •  Make sure you let your stylist know if you want to be able to put it in a pony tail or not! Always cut less, because you can always cut more!
  • Use Living Proof’s Dry Volume Blast which will volumize your roots!
  • A 1 inch barrel works on hair right at shoulders or longer (especially for beachy waves). Otherwise a 3/4 inch barrel for shorter hair. A curling wand is a great tool for a short or longer cut. My favorite heating tools come from the Hot Tools Collection
  • Try a texturizing spray before curling to help create waves. Redken’s Fashion Waves 07 ($19) is a favorite!
  • Dry Shampoo will become your new best friend. I’m absolutely loving Batiste for dry shampoo!

Let me know on Instagram if you decided to take the plunge! I would love to see pictures!

Until next time!


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