Closet Beautification on a budget!

Whether you have a walk in closet, a mini closet, or maybe you just want to display your stuff the way a boutique does, below are some very affordable, but effective ways to keep organized and to beautify your closet!


Do you ever notice why you love your favorite boutique so much? It’s a 2 part process: One, it has very cute clothes & accessories (I’m starting to dig the less is more, but love what you own theme), and secondly, it’s displayed beautifully! Below are some simple upgrades that can make a huge difference.

Invest in nice hangers. This may not seem like a huge priority, but when your hangers not only look alike, they hang alike. This keeps each item of clothing lined up, and hangs off the hanger the way you see in boutiques. Just look at the before and after pictures below–incredible! My personal favorite hangers are the black velvet hangers. You can find a decent sized package of these at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for $6! The best part is, nothing slides off! Target also carries this 34 pack for $19.99!

Buy cute tote bins for storage. It’s most likely you have an excess of various clutches, belts, and scarves in your closet. An easy (and cute!) way to store these is to find storage bins that you can store above or below your hanging rack in your closet. My suggestion is to find neutral colors that go with your bedroom. As I am moving into a new place with my fiancé, I know our bedroom is going to be gray with pale, blue accents. I found the cutest tote bins at TJ Maxx & Home Goods ranging from $6-$15! Below are some other great options!

Color Coordinate. Another common factor I find at boutiques, is that they section their clothing by color. For my closet, I add an extra step (blame it on a little OCD) by coordinating the sleeve length. From left to right, my closet goes from sleeveless, to short sleeve, to 3/4 length, and finally to long sleeve clothing, all color coordinated within those sections. What I find is that not only does it display beautifully, but it’s also easier to find your clothing and to put away for that matter. Below is not a picture of my closet (I wish!) but nevertheless, a great example. And guess what? This won’t cost you a thing!

Display your jewelry. There are many ways to do this, but below is my personal favorite! This is an example of my own jewelry. I found this rack at Hobby Lobby (less than $6 thanks to the 40% coupon you can use daily on non-sale items). I then purchased “S” shaped shower hooks from Target for $11 that allows the statement necklaces to hang. Voila! Beautifully displayed and tangle free!

You smell pretty, oh so pretty! I’m a big fan of displaying perfume bottles. You can put this on top of dresser in your closet, in your bedroom, or even in your bathroom! I personally love the mirrored tray look, but there are many other options to choose from! See below for direct links to cute trays!

Don’t collect dust. At the end of the day, if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. If you love the look of the top, but know deep down it doesn’t fit you as well as you would like, get rid of it. If the material has worn down or the color has faded, get rid of it

As I have been going through my room to prepare for my move, I realized I had a lot of stuff. It’s easy to stare at an item, thinking “I know it would look cute if I was going to an exoctic island where you could only wear sheer things in the color cerulean…..” Think again! If you are coming up with ideas on how you could wear it and haven’t worn it since purchasing 6 months ago, say it with me, get rid of it!” I know it’s not easy, but it’s simply taking up space. And remember, clutter is not a good look for Boutique-like closet!

Wouldn’t you rather look at your closet and see 15 tops you LOVE verses 25 tops that you feel iffy about?

Britt tip: Buy quality material clothing that is versatile, and pieces that truly fit you (and not just because it’s cute). You’ll appreciate it in the long run and will find that you can pair the item with various accessories.

There you have it! Inexpensive and simple ways to amp up your closet! Until next time!


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