Daily Makeup Routine

I have a love-hate relationship with getting ready. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to waste time in the morning getting ready for the day but if I didn’t, people would think I was “sick”. You know what I’m talking about:

(Wears no makeup)….”Oh, are you getting sick? You look awfully pale”…Lovely. I look ill in my normal self. (sigh)

I was unfortunately not blessed with perfectly toned skin, but hey I’m healthy and alive and I’m very thankful for that. Back to my daily routine…

Moisturize & Prep

Moisturizing your skin is so important! Whether you are oily or dry, it’s important not to miss this step. I absolutely love Clinique’s skincare line and moisturizers. They have oil free products, skincare for redness, as well as dryness.

  1. Moisturize with Clinique’s Dramatically Different Gel $26 (Gel for Summer, Lotion for winter)
  2. Follow with Origin’s Energy Boosting Moisturizer $27 to brighten the under eye (must own product! It is luminescent and adds a nice glow!)
  3. Let this all sink into your skin for about a minute
  4. I prime with Smashbox Photo Finish Primer $15 or Porefessional by Benefit $10 (pea size drop)

*Britt Tip: I never buy the full size primers from Ulta or Sephora. They have a travel section where you can buy a smaller size of the primer for $10- $15. Smashbox’s $15 version is  (0.50 oz) whereas the full size is $36 for (1 oz). More bang for your buck!

A primer to me is probably the most essential product to own (along with moisturizer) to create a flawless finish. You can buy the best makeup in the world, but if your skin is not prepped and smooth, it will not look the best it possibly can, nor will it last. I honestly don’t know how I went without ever using a primer!

Foundation and Concealer

I am pretty loyal when it comes to my foundation and concealers.  For me, foundation and concealer is where I will spend most of my money when it comes to makeup. Since my skin isn’t perfect, it is important for me to have great coverage without the foundation feeling ‘heavy’. I’ll list what I’m currently using but also will list some other favorites below (high end and drugstore).

  1. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation $37 (my new favorite!) It claims it’s medium coverage, but I truly feel it is more medium to full coverage (but not cakey). It is extremely blendable too. I’m currently wearing the shade “Desert Beige”.
  2. Next I put on MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer $20 (must own product!) the coverage is amazing and it stays put! I’ve been using this for years! I’m currently the shade NC-20. **UPDATE: I still love this but also love NARS Creamy Concealer, $29. A drugstore dupe for NARS is Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer, $7. (I think it creases more, but if you don’t want to spend so much, it’s a great alternate!)

Other options:

*I usually use my fingers to apply my liquid makeup, and then follow up with a damp beauty blender. It is truly a preference for applying, but I do love the finish you get with the beauty blender!

Powder, Blush, & Bronzer

I’m more particular about my powder and bronzer than I am about blush. I tend to stick to my favorites when it comes this category.

Eyes & Lip

  1. The Naked 2 Pallette by Urban Decay $54 is my favorite for eyeshadow. I’ve had it for over a year and still have hardly made a dent in even after using it every day. I love it!
  2. I use the crease brush (included with palette) for the shadow on my lid. ‘Tease’ is my favorite shade!
  3. I use the smaller brush on the other side of the crease brush to add eyeliner for under my eye with either ‘Busted’ or the ‘Blackout’ shade. Powder works best for me for under my eye vs. regular eyeliner.
  4. Curl those lashes to prep for mascara!
  5. I use NYC’s liquid liner for my upper lid. It’s only $3!
  6. I always use two mascara’s for my long and thick lashes. First I use L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara $8 and then follow with L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara $10.
  7.  I wait for my mascara to dry (at least 2 minutes) and then curl my lashes.
  8. My current favorite lipstick is “Up the Amp’ by MAC $16 (perfect purple-pink) and NYX Buttergloss in Meringue! $3

I love playing around with eyeshadows. There is so much flexibility with color and opacity of the eye shadow that is so versatile. My best suggestion is to get your technique down. Once you have figured out your eye shape and how to apply, the rest is just switching out colors.

I dream of Beauty Guru Carli Bybel’s large lid space (area from eye to eyebrow). She has so much room! I was not blessed with that. For me, I add the neutral hue of the color I’m planning on working with right above my crease (blend well). I then add a darker shade of that same hue within my crease. I will add a light, shimmer shadow right below my brow, and also on my lid. This is my fail proof method!

Example with using the Naked 2 Palette:

  1. Above Crease: Tease
  2. Crease: Busted
  3. Highlight: Bootycall

There you have it! I usually can do my makeup in 15 minutes from when I first put on my moisturizer. If you would like to see a drugstore version of my daily routine, I will be happy to list!

Until next time!


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