Decorating on a Budget

So, Pinterest has you wanting to redecorate your home? That makes two of us.

*Update (2018): It’s been four years since I wrote this post below, and it couldn’t have been more true. Pinterest was our lifesaver! Make sure to visit our house updates to see what (my now husband) and I have been up to, or follow me on Instagram to check out our Modern Farmhouse!

I joke around with my family that I will have my future rooms all picked out and ready with ideas by the time I actually move into my first home. Luckily, my boyfriend is aware of my love for pinterest.  The artistic side of me is always amazed at how a color scheme can entirely change the look of your home. I think I should have been an interior designer–spending other people’s money and creating a fabulous masterpiece? Now that would be a dream job!

Speaking of money, decorating costs money. However, you do not have to spend a mint! This post will discuss where you can shop for less, but also on how to make your home look nice. Although “nice” will mean different things for different people, overall there is usually a theme. Such as:

Less is more…the Rule of 3
If you can learn anything from this post, remember to remove clutter from your home. If you have difficulty knowing how much or where to place decor, just keep in mind the rule of 3. For example, no more than 3 ‘spots’ filled on a table. That does not mean you cannot have books placed on top of one another and you can only have 3 books. It’s more about visual space being taken up. Also, if you have a smaller space and do not have room for 3 things, utilize a tray that has a lip on the edges. See examples below!

Larger Pillows, Texture, and More
An immediate way to spruce up your living room is to buy larger pillows. You can find some larger sized ones at Home Goods (my favorite go-to place for decor on a budget).  The larger size draws more attention compared to average-sized pillows. As for texture, it’s important to use variation when mixing in with your other pillows. You can achieve this by either buying textured pillows (ruffles, beaded, etc.) or you can buy pillows that have a pattern or a graphic element.

Britt tip: Make a statement by buying a patterned pillow that isn’t the same color as your color scheme. Achieve this by searching ‘pantone’ color schemes, which include colors that compliment one another, but are ones you wouldn’t necessarily associate with one another. Please see the blue chairs and yellow pillows for an example. To add even more flair, utilize that color as an accent for the rest of your room. Notice the yellow accent in the picture? Beautiful!


Shop some of my favorite pillows (updated in 2018):

Window Space & Tall Curtains If I ever have the chance to design my home, I would like to include large window space. There is something about natural lighting that opens up your home. The more open your home looks, the more spacious it feels. However, what if you don’t have large window space? An easy way to achieve the look of large window space, is to place your curtain rod taller and wider than the window pane. Utilize this article here to achieve the look.

Symmetry Symmetry is an extremely important element to utilize when decorating your home. It simply creates a sense of balance. When your home appears balanced, your life appears balanced. It relates to the idea of ridding any clutter in your home. Clean, open homes tend to correspond with homes that are ‘expensive’ looking. The easiest way to achieve this is through lamps, frames, and window panes.

Personalizing & Monogramming  This is my favorite tip, probably because I love personalization. It’s what makes your home, your home! There are so many options for personalizing your home or monograming it. As for personalizing, I immediately think of photography. I’m a huge fan of black and white photos, or angelic-looking pieces (the kind with fuzzy, white light). Below is a picture of an idea I adore. I absolutely love how this family put pictures of their children on the wall in such a bold, organized manner. It brings to life a very real and intimate portrait of the children pictured below. As for monogramming, I know what you may be thinking. However, monogramming doesn’t have to be expensive! This whole article is about improvising. An easy way you can do that is by utilizing block letters for the single letter monogram look.  Use them for decor on your table, hang it with a ribbon, or even use it on a wreath! Another option is utilizing Hobby Lobby to buy iron on letters for pillows. Easy and cheap! Below are a few of my favorite ideas.

There you have it! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for what Nick and I have been up to on our first home! Until next time, Brittany

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  1. Love your blog Brittany! Both the fashion side and decorating tips are very helpful! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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