Fall Beauty Event at Saks

Sak's Fall Beauty Event

This week I was able to attend the Sak’s Fall Beauty event. If you follow me on snapchat (@Brittbts), you saw a behind the scenes glimpse of the event! In case you missed it, here’s a re-cap!

The event was hosted by fellow Indianapolis blogger, Kathleen Post with Lemon Blonde blog. She is seriously so sweet and even more gorgeous in person! Walking into the event, I was able to sign up for a raffle (which I ended up winning goodies–woo!).

G Michael Salon was at the event offering hairstyles. It was so fun to learn so many techniques! From fishtail braids to specific types of curls, all the ladies that got a style came out looking beautiful!

G Michael Salon

My personal favorite part of the event was the manicure station they offered! Chanel polish, extra dark please!

Sak's Fall Beauty Event

After receiving a manicure, it was time for the event to start. Everyone received a goodie bag on their chair with a Sak’s magazine showcasing some of the favorite beauty products.

Sak's Fall Beauty Event

On display were box stands that held all the various products for each trend. For each section, Kathleen and a Sak’s beauty advisor discussed the new trend, shared some of the favorite products, and also displayed how to use or apply the product on a live model. My favorite part was watching the live display or technique that was shown. 

Sak's Beauty Event

After each trend that was discussed, there was a giveaway, which was such an added bonus. So what are the 7 trends? I’ll list some of the products mentioned at the event and also share some drugstore options!

Trend 1: Color Correcting
Redness in skin? Dark under eyes? These color correcting products are meant to be easy touch ups that can be worn under makeup, to immediately transform. The Yves Saint Laurent highlighted as a favorite!

Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ECLAT Neutralizers
NYX Photo Concealer (Drugstore option)

Trend 2: Oil Cleansers

Fall Trend Oil Cleansers

The message in this segment was to not be afraid of oil–even if you have oily skin! Oil can be good for you. Most of these formulas don’t require rinsing with water after using.

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil
Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil (drugstore option)

Trend 3: Goth Eye
Kathleen immediately addressed the room when mentioning this segment. “Don’t be afraid, it’s not as scary as it sounds!” The new take on the goth eye is to use a creamy shadow stick. The swipe of a stick can take you from day to night. The Nars shadow stick was demonstrated and looked amazing on the girl they demonstrated on! I would suggest the shimmering peacock or black infused with gold shades for Nars!

Nars Velvet Shadow Stick
Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Stick (drugstore option)

Trend 4: Glitterati
Freshness, and a little shimmer is the goal here. The Sak’s Beauty advisor addressed that if you are older, don’t be afraid of a little shimmer. Stick to a creamy shadow stick for the eye, or a little shimmer on the cheek.

Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill 24-hr Shadow
Maybelline Color Tattoo 24-hour Shadow (drugstore option)

Trend 5: The New Oil
Once again, the oil is here to stick around, so don’t be afraid to try! Just like serums, oils are going to penetrate the skin deeply and are best in overnight wear. For oils I would suggest investing into a quality product!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate


Trend 6: New Fragrance
Summer is over and it’s time for a fragrance revamp. Head in-stores to smell for yourself. The new Jo Malone scent smelled amazing!

Jo Malone ‘Basil & Neroli
Chanel N°5 L’EAU Spray

Trend 7: Peachy Tones

Fall Trend Peach

I was surprised to hear that peach was in for Fall! They shared that it’s not replacing the dark lip or nails that you typically would think of for this season, but simply complimenting it. Wearing a bold lip? Wear a peach cheek or peach shadow to help neutralize. For this segment, the Clinique Chubby Cheek stick was demonstrated. The tip for peach cheeks: Although flattering on everyone, don’t directly apply to just apples of cheek. Follow along just above your cheekbones and stop where your pupils would meet if you drew a line.

Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm
L’Oreal Blendable Blush in Shade ‘Innocent Flush’ (Drugstore Option)

Now that you have the trends, you are all set to be a fall beauty vixen!

Until next time,