Fall Style at Target

fall style at target

Who doesn’t love Target? I cannot remember the last time I walked into that store not wanting to buy something. Seriously, whatever magic they have created, I’m under their spell.

Anyways, one day I decided to venture off to Target to see if they had a new movie in (Central Intelligence to be specific, and yes it was there–so funny!). Naturally the aisle persuaded me to visit all the new fall scarves, outwear, and hats! I literally had to walk away. With that said, I’m heading back soon to purchase some things. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you all my favorite things in-store right meow.

The Blanket Scarf

It’s here to stay and in more colors than one! This blue and green one is a new favorite! They also had a scarf that was a beautiful plum color and then a deeper wine on the other side. You can find that soon-to-be-mine scarf right here. Also, they are all under $20, so why not grab two!?

The Fall/Rain Jacket

These were my friend last year and will become my best friend this year. That is until Ice-tember wants to make it’s lovely appearance–oyy. Black, wine, navy, gray, and army green–take your pick! These utility jackets are great for layering and are so fashionable. I remember wearing mine over workout pants, Nikes, and long sleeve and didn’t have to think twice about changing my outfit. Plus, most of them cover your butt, so that scored major points for me.

Hats, hats, and hats

You guys, I cannot handle the hats Target has to offer. They have really stepped up their game in this department. I used to never wear hats, but they can really complete your outfit! While this gray one is still my favorite, I now have this navy studded hat and this maroon laser cut hat on my to-buy list. Don’t worry, I will hide them under my old hats so Nick doesn’t know. Shh!

If you are looking for my favorite boots from target that you see on my Instagram, you can find them here.

So, needless to say, I’m sorry for ruining any planned budget you may have had this month! Target wins again. Shop below for some of my favorite looks!

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