Honeymoon to Jamaica

honeymoon in jamaica

It’s hard to believe it has been a month since our wedding! I feel like it’s been forever since I have done a blog post but Nick and I have been playing major catch up on thank you notes and all the aftermath from the wedding. My sincerest apologies! Now that I have had some time on my hands I wanted to share some details on our incredible honeymoon to Jamaica!

Nick and I traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and stayed at the all-inclusive Sandals Resort. It was nothing short of fabulous, but I wanted to give the ins and outs for planning a honeymoon as well as some specifics about our stay.


It was really difficult to decide where to go for our honeymoon. We knew we wanted to do something tropical and all inclusive, but it was hard to know what was trustworthy. It can be exhausting trying to go through reviews on travel sites. We decided on staying at a Sandals because we knew other couples that had gone and loved their experience. Sandals was a perfect option for us, but of course there were so many resorts to choose from. Definitely do your research here as each resort has a different vibe. For us, we wanted to be able to relax and have privacy but still feel like there were things to do. The Montego Bay resort in Jamaica ended up being perfect for that.

Wedding Aftermath & Packing

I highly recommend allowing an extra day between the wedding and leaving for the honeymoon. Leaving on a Monday was absolutely essential for us. You don’t really think about all the things you have to do the next day after the wedding. We had stayed at the hotel on our wedding night and we wanted to spend some time the next morning with family that had traveled in. By the time we did that it was nearing lunch and we knew we needed to haul stuff home and prep for our trip. By the time we got back to our apartment, opened gifts, wrote everything down, stored as much as we could, and then finally packed for our trip, it literally was 11:00 PM. We were exhausted!

Getting There

When booking our trip through Sandals, we had the option to let them pick out flights for us to help with the process. While this was great and appreciated, it also added an extra flight on the way there (as it made it the cheapest option). Our flight schedule consisted of going from Indy to Charlotte, from Charlotte to Atlanta, and then from Atlanta to Montego Bay. Having left at 4AM and not arriving until 4PM (5PM our time), it was a long day of traveling.

Britt tip: While I wore leggings, a tee, and a cardigan for traveling early on, I also made sure to pack a cotton shift dress in my carry on bag. I changed into this at Atlanta and just wore a cardigan over it just in case I got cold on the plane. I’m so glad I did this because it was perfect for the weather in Jamaica, and I definitely would not have had time to change (nor did I want to venture in the bathroom area at the Jamaica airport). Everyone was in a hurry to get in line to go through the custom process to get them to their destination. Just something to keep in mind if you are traveling somewhere warm!

Flight to Jamaica

Arriving in Jamaica

Needless to say it was an experience in the Jamaica airport. We had to wait in a long line to go through customs, and then finally got taken to an area dedicated to Sandals. Two gentleman took our bags and grouped them together and told us to wait in a room. We were then guided to get on our bus to head to the resort. After arriving at the resort, we had to wait a little bit for our room to be ready. At this point it was just nice to sit on a comfy couch and be offered a glass of champagne. After about thirty minutes, we were on our way to the room!

The Stay

When deciding on a room, we felt like we didn’t need an ultra luxurious room. We just went the basic option, which ended up still being very nice. The wooden, mahogany furniture was beautiful and we also had a balcony. The service was fabulous and our bed was made twice a day, decorated with flowers and decorative towels. We received champagne and if we ever needed anything else, it was just a call to the front desk. As for our room location, we loved where we were at (behind the pool bar) as our view was excellent.


What to Pack

One thing I will say, which seems like an obvious but oh my goodness, it was so incredibly humid. I had never experienced anything like that before. I laugh that I even brought a curling iron and straightener. Prepare to wear your hair up or in a braid at all times. Which to be honest, it was pretty awesome to not have to get ready. As for what to bring, I got the most use out of palazzo pants and maxi dresses. I am prone to getting bit and was definitely bit by no see-ums and mosquitoes. Wearing long clothing definitely helped but I had to use DEET as well. Nick had no problem with getting bit, but definitely bring some spray (especially due to the Zika virus). Also, DEET is $20 a can there (no joke). Beyond that we didn’t need more than our summer clothes and our bathing suits. For the guys, I would just make sure to bring a pair of boat shoes or nice sandals. Some fancier restaurants don’t allow tennis shoes.

At Cucina Romana

Things to Do

I was really impressed with the various activities that were available. Some were off the resort, but Nick and I stuck with those on the resort. We kayaked, paddle boarded and also did a glass bottom boat ride. The paddle boarding was my favorite, just because I felt like I learned something as well as got a workout (which was much needed after all we ate and drank). The glass bottom boat was also very neat. It was a boat that had (you guessed it) a glass bottom. As we went out in the water, we were able to see the ocean floor and learn so many fascinating facts!

The Food

The first night we got there we were starving and just wanted something quick. We decided on a Pub and unfortunately it was not good–we were worried the rest of our trip was doomed. Honestly, I think we just picked the only bad restaurant on our first night. The rest of our restaurant experiences were great and delicious with no issues, so at least we figured that out night one.

Our favorite meal of the day was breakfast. You could sit indoor or outdoor, so of course we sat outside with a view. Immediately we were offered mimosas, bloody marys, and coffee. Needless to say it was the highlight of our day. Inside was a never ending buffet that was absolutely delicious. As for dinner spots, our favorite was Cucina Romana which was an Italian restaurant.


Sandals Breakfast
Breakfast View
Sandals Dinner
Cucina Romana

Overall Thoughts

Would we recommend this place for a honeymoon? Absolutely. We loved it! The service was phenomenal, the views were outstanding and the water was crystal clear. The only issue we really had (mostly me) was getting bit. I don’t think everyone has that experience though, so all you can do is come prepared. If you are considering going to Montego Bay, Jamaica, Sandals…don’t hesitate! Even if you see weather has a chance of rain for every day–don’t fear. It rained daily, but only for an hour at around 2:30 PM or 3 PM. They call it liquid sunshine there!

If you are looking for sunshine, relaxation, constant drinks and food, and some fun opportunities for water activities, then look no further!

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