Makeup Brushes: Spend or Save

Makeup Brushes spend or save

If you follow me on snapchat (Brittbts), you know I like to share tips & tricks with makeup products. Lately, I have received some comments asking what makeup brushes I like to use.

Today we will talk about what brushes you need, and what brushes are just nice to have. I’ll also discuss where you can save your money, and where you should consider spending more.

What you Need

Powder Brush
Used with powder to set liquid foundation. Typically larger in size to apply minimal product on face (since foundation is already on skin). You do not need to spend a lot of money on this brush. I recommend the Real Techniques Powder Brush. It’s fluffy and does the job!

Foundation Brush (for liquid)
I recommend spending your money here. A brush can make the world of a difference with liquid foundation! I recommend using a rounded synthetic blush like Urban Decay’s Optical Blurring brush. It’s my personal favorite! Blending is a dream with this brush.

If you would like to apply product a bit more heavy, use a Flat Kabuki Brush. It’s important to not swipe your foundation with this brush. You’ll create lines that aren’t blended. To use, place product on face or brush and create stippling motions (patting/dabbing the product into skin with brush in quick motions). Once it’s mostly dabbed in, then you can swirl/swipe if need be. This brush is a favorite among makeup gurus. I would recommend watching a YouTube video if you still are unsure on how to use the brush. I know how much videos help me!

Powder Foundation
I used to use powder foundation back in the day. However, I am more of a liquid girl. So, leaning on friends who still use powder foundation, they still recommend the BareMinerals brand with their powder foundation brush. You can buy it Ulta or Sephora.

Under Eye Setting Brush
This brush is used with a loose powder to set your concealer for your under eye. It’s smaller in nature to better apply product in that area. My favorite brush for this is the Elf Brand at Target ($3). Britt Tip: After applying concealer, let your concealer sit for a minute or two. Before applying powder, use your ring finger to gently dab the area you applied concealer to. This will help pick up any leftover product and help prevent creasing. Next, set with loose powder.

Blush Brush
Only necessary if you use blush. You’ll want to use something a little smaller than a powder brush. Real Techniques makes a wonderful blush brush that is also inexpensive.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Blending Brush
Used for eyeshadow that is applied to the crease and on the eyebrow bone. It’s fluffy and larger in size. If you are unfamiliar, this brush is a lifesaver. It can help blend product that was applied too heavy and it’s great for mixing all your eyeshadows together. My personal favorite use for it is to use as a starter shade that defines the area you will be applying shadow to. Elf does it again with their $1 brush at Target. The fluffier the brush, the better. Here is a fluffier brush by Real Techniques that is also on the affordable size.

Crease Brush
This brush is more dense in nature. It applies more product than a blending brush. There are multiple types of crease brushes that vary in size. The smaller the brush, the more defined the product will be on your eye. Here’s another $1 brush that will do the trick!

Rather get all your brushes in one complete set? Check out the Sonia Kashuk brand at Target or visit Tarte’s website for brush sets. They have an amazing brush set for $44 where you can get everything you need at once!

Optional Brushes

Highlighter Brush
Used to apply highlighter on top of cheekbones. I love this smaller blush brush because it doesn’t apply the highlighter too heavily and is more narrow in size, which is perfect for the top of your cheekbones.

Contour Brush
I hear so many mixed reviews with contouring. Although it’s supposed to appear like a shadow on your face sometimes it looks like a dirty, muddy color. On-camera it usually looks good, but in-person it’s not so flattering. You really have to make sure your skin looks good with the color you are applying. I know I have to be very tan for those colors to work. Instead, my favorite trick is to use a warmer hue than your current face powder (use a matte finish with no shimmer), and use that on the hollows of your cheek. Not only is dimension added, but you’ll look bronzed and “warmed up”. Call it a 2 for 1! Although pricier, this Sigma F40 brush is perfect for contouring.

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