My Microblading Experience

My microblading experience

As you know from my previous post, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Indy Microblading for a microblading procedure. As someone who has half-missing eyebrows and have had to pencil them in for years, I was always self-conscious. I wouldn’t go anywhere without filling them in! Sound familiar? Perhaps you are thinking about getting the procedure done as well, but want to know the full scoop on microblading first– Keep on reading! It’s lengthy, but all very important! Pictures will be included all throughout this post.

First, it is SO important to find someone who is knowledgeable and has experience. Microblading can last 18-24 months, so you want to go to someone who you trust. Carlyn from Indy Microblading blew me away. Due to her medical background, her cosmetic and esthetician background, and not to mention her years of experience, I knew I was in safe hands. Plus, she is so sweet and beyond professional!

Prior to the Procedure:
Weeks prior, Carlyn sent pre and post care instructions, as well as a consent form to review (we would discuss and sign in person). Day of, Carlyn walked me through paperwork which included medical history, post procedures, etc. Next, we sat down to discuss what I was looking for and she asked for pictures. I explained that I wanted natural looking brows, but wanted my arch area filled since they had missing hairs. I also wanted to enhance the front part of my brow so I wouldn’t have to fill that in. She explained what would happen during the procedure and assured me we would walk through every step together. At this point I let her know I was pretty nervous. She shared that she would be worried if I wasn’t nervous--which told me she recognized the importance of this procedure and cared just as much as I did.

Numbing, color matching, and brow mapping:
Laying down, she numbed me with a topical cream (we confirmed I was not allergic weeks prior to procedure–it’s lidocaine, which is what they use in the dentist office). We spent about 25 minutes talking during the numbing process. Next, she showed me pigment options and placed them in dots above my brows. I held up a mirror and we walked through the colors together. We talked through each one (one was too ashy, one was too warm, etc.). Ultimately, we came down to two colors and decided to mix them for more natural results. It was the perfect shade and immediately I felt more calm!

Next, she started brow mapping, which involves a measuring tool to see how your brows should technically look based off your face shape and bone structure. Being a bridal makeup artist, I had a good sense of where to fill in my brows–and luckily I was very close on my results. My tails (after the arch) were just a little lower than they should be. Carlyn confirmed I was comfortable moving them up just a hair (literally), which I appreciated. She also notified me I had one brow higher than the other. I asked her if we could even the brows out a bit by adding more height to my left and more underneath my right brow. After we agreed, she started drawing around the brow in the suggested shape. It’s a little scary to look at as you may assume they will be the size of the outline, but instead Carlyn shared that it shows a “map” of where she should stay within.

Brow Mapping

Microblading Procedure
It was time for the actual microblading.  I appreciated Carlyn showing me the sterile, unopened package the blade came in. She assured me she always shows her clients this so they are never wondering if it was “truly” sterile. Thank you, Carlyn–did I mention her professionalism?!

As for my nerves, I was getting anxious at this point (mostly because I was scared of the pain, because I don’t have tattoos,  and it’s on my face haha). Please keep in mind that I’m one of those people that expect much more pain in hopes to be pleasantly surprised. After the first stroke, I was honestly relieved! It felt like a scrape or intense scratch, but that was it! Carlyn worked through the first “pass” (a.k.a. section) and there were three total per side. She numbed the area again when she finished and started on the other side. I definitely felt like the first pass was the worst in terms of pain. Level 1-10 you ask? I would say about a 2-3. I was much more sensitive in my arch area, whereas the beginning of my brow, I hardly felt anything. Carlyn says that everyone is different on this!

Throughout the entire process, I was able to look into the mirror to see what she was doing. I recorded some of it, so that should give you an idea for pain level. Regardless, Carlyn asked how I was doing and made sure I was okay. She is seriously so sweet and really wants you to be comfortable. The microblading itself took about 20-30 minutes. She applied the color all over my brows at the end, and then wiped off. End result? They looked PERFECT! I had already teared up halfway through the process because they looked so good! Carlyn nailed it!


Post Procedure
It is important to know that there is a healing process with microblading–and it’s not all pretty. This all was referenced in the aftercare document. I found this chart online and it’s a perfect example of the healing process (please note days and level of change vary person to person).


Please have trust in this process. Having been through it, I definitely had moments of anxiety. “They didn’t look like this yesterday!” or, “Oh my gosh they are so dark and RED, what happened?!” Personally, I would advise you to allow a couple days where you don’t have to go anywhere–that was the case for me at least. Plus, you HAVE to avoid water and direct exposure of sun during the healing process. This did make showering hard, but I used a dry washcloth as a barrier during washing my hair, and utilized makeup wipes to remove makeup on other areas of my face. Once your brows have scabbed up and the dead skin has flaked off (naturally), you can wash your eyebrows gently. Lastly, please note there is a touch up appointment 6-8 weeks later for pigment that didn’t stick! Click the arrows below for a slideshow of my healing phase. My brows returned to normal after the scab naturally peeled off!

There you have it! Thank you for following along on my microblading experience! MAJOR thank you’s to Carlyn–from being available during my freak outs, to walking me through every step, and for making me feel so much more confident about my brows, it means the world! If you have any questions, please direct message me via Instagram or email me. Any question I cannot answer, I’m happy to refer to Carlyn with Indy Microblading. Make sure to check her out on Instagram and online at

Carlyn & I