Microblading with Indy Microblading

My Microblading experience (2)

As you may recall, I am beyond delighted to share that I will be collaborating with the ever-so-talented, Indy Microblading, LLC to get my brows microbladed! Save the date for July 3rd at 1:00 PM EST to follow along with my microblading experience!

A little background: What started out for a love of makeup turned into doing freelance bridal makeup in the Indianapolis area. With that said, you know that I am always sharing products, tips and tricks on Snapchat, Instastories, and on my blog. It took me quite a bit of courage one day to show you all something that has always been an insecurity of mine: My half-missing eyebrows.

When sharing this on social media, I received so many comments from readers thanking me for doing that. I even had someone send me a selfie of their brows saying, “mine are missing too!”. It just goes to show that we all have something we are insecure about. I literally couldn’t imagine leaving the house with my brows on!

Not quite a year ago, I learned about microblading through an Instagram account. I was shocked that an eyebrow tattoo could look that NATURAL! (not like those meme accounts of tattooed eyebrows—you know which I’m talking about haha!) Over time, I kept seeing the process. One day I came across Indy Microblading and needless to say I became obsessed with her work! For those who know me, you know how precise I like my brows to be, and to find someone that cared about detail as much as I did, was so appreciated. Not only is your bone and facial structure taken into consideration, but she even asks you to come in with your brows done, to help confirm what look you are trying to achieve.

I can’t wait to share this experience with you all. I will keep you all posted through a blog series on everything from preparing for the procedure, to the actual process, and then following up with the aftercare. With that said, mark your calendars for July 3rd at 1PM EST! This girl is getting her brows done!

A very, very immense thank you to Indy Microblading for the collaboration! You can find Indy Microblading online at www.indymicrobladingandsalon.com or on Instagram @indymicroblading

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