Monat Review


If you have wondered about Monat and have considered use, keep on reading! I had an opportunity to try this product in exchange of a review. Monat was new to me, but I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it before based on how many comments I received when mentioning on Instastories! I had so many responses from people letting me know how much they loved it!

So, what is Monat you ask? Monat is a hair care line that is dedicated to bringing your hair back to its “youth-like” state. Monat carries many different treatment types— but ultimately each product focuses on bringing back the strength of the follicle, and providing nutrients to your scalp, which leads to hair growth. It’s easy to ask how products differ from one another, but when you see the statistics below, I think it speaks for itself!

For the review, I was gifted with the Intense Repair Treatment system. Upon first use, I was greeted with a minty smell—something I fell in love with! I also appreciated that their products are sulfate free. Although sulfate free is better for your hair, I don’t always love how it feels. When using Monat, I didn’t get that “is there really any shampoo in my hair?” feeling, so that was a plus for me! This product called for massaging into your scalp for a few minutes. Which, let’s be honest, I never do that typically, but I actually appreciated a moment of relaxation! Upon rinsing my hair out, my hair felt clean–but not that “overly-squeaky” clean that comes from stripping all natural oil. As for the conditioner, I did feel like I had to use more than normal to cover my hair, but absolutely loved how it felt after rinsing out.

The most noticeable thing for me (that was immediate and continued with use), was the texture of my hair when dry. My hair is very fine and I felt like my hair was actually fuller! It didn’t feel weighed down or oily at all–it just felt balanced! I also noticed how shiny it was, which is super important when you have highlights like me!

What impressed me the most was the statistics! Monat shares on their website that their clinically proven ingredients have demonstrated the following outcomes:

  • 88% Increased manageability and shine
  • 76% increase in collagen directly increasing follicle size
  • 70% increase in repair effect improving hair anchoring
  • 58% noticed a decrease in fiber breakage
  • 48% decrease in DHT hormone that contributes to hair loss
  • 46% increase in hair growth
  • 35% in hair follicle strength

If that doesn’t wow you, I don’t know what does! Even Nick was impressed with use. When he heard about the hair growth, follicle strength, decrease in hormone contributing to hair loss, and improving hair anchoring, he was sold!

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A very special thank you to Amy Sloan for offering the collaboration. You can find her on Instagram at @theamysloan.

If you use Monat, let me know!

Until next time!