My Favorite Instagram Pages to Follow

My favorite Instagram pages

I love Instagram; it’s easy to use, it’s a great way to follow people that share the same interests, and it makes it extremely helpful to shop! Today I wanted to provide a list of some of my favorite Instagram pages to follow. These pages will reflect my interests in beauty, fashion, and fitness.

If you start following some of these pages, you’ll notice most of the fashion related pages will mention in their description “Like to Know It”.  Like to Know It is simply genius; if a page is associated with this website, you can simply like the person’s picture on Instagram (because let’s say, you love the outfit that the person is wearing), once you like it, you get an email from Like to Know it that provides the links to all the things showcased in that picture. AMAZING. That’s right, it links to your Instagram likes and makes shopping 1,000 times easier to get the exact product you liked in the picture. Brilliant, brilliant, and brilliant. *Please note you will want to sign up with Like to Know It for emails to be sent to you 🙂

Emily Gemma: Instagram: @emilyanngemma

Category: Mostly Fashion

I absolutely love this account! She has the most amazing style! Most of the things she posts are extremely high-end (i.e. Chanel bags), but she does post many outfit ideas from Nordstrom and random boutiques that are much more affordable. I utilize her page for fashion inspiration (FYI-she’s associated with Like to Know It). With a whopping 268,000 followers on Instagram, clearly I’m not the only one loving her page. Dog lovers, you’ll want to see her page to check out Fitz! This is her and John’s (her husband) adorable dog. Yes I know her husbands name; I’ll blame that for following her on Snapchat too. (username: emilyanngemm)–you’re welcome.  You can also check out her blog here:  The Sweetest Thing

Grace Wainwright: Instagram: @a_southerndrawl

Category: Mostly Fashion


This account is also fashion focused, but provides much more affordable items. With 64,000 followers, I’m surprised she doesn’t have more! She is associated with Like to Know It as well, so once again it’s super easy to get direct links to outfits! I love her style; she posts great casual and workwear outfits. Grace also has a blog you can check out: A Southern Drawl

Carli Bybel: Instagram @carlibel

Category: Makeup

Carli is a YouTube sensation. She started doing makeup tutorials a few years ago on YouTube, and now has a whopping  3.2 MILLION followers on her channel and 2.2. MILLION followers on Instagram.  She has even collaborated with makeup companies to create her own customized products with specific brands (i.e. Velour’s Lashes, “Carli Lash” and BH’s new eyeshadow and highlighter palette). Carli provides incredible makeup tutorials and utilizes drugstore and high-end makeup. Whether you don’t know anything about makeup, or are a makeup pro, she is always providing new looks to mimic and also provides the product details of what she uses in her tutorials. Carli’s direct link for her YouTube channel is here but can also be found in her Instagram profile description. She has a website as well called The Beauty Bybel

Alexa Jean Brown: Instagram: @alexajeanfitness

Category: Fitness

I started following Alexa about a year ago and fell in love with her fitness page! She features Instagram videos of quick workouts you can do at home, with no equipment needed. She has the most adorable little girl (Logan) with her fiance, and little miss Logan is usually in the video, sometimes trying to do the workout her mama is doing– which is adorable! What I love most is that her page shows that no matter how busy you are or whether you have kids or not, working out doesn’t have to take forever and you can do it at home. One of her more popular posts features Alexa doing situps to give kisses to her little girl, as her fiance holds miss Logan. Make sure to check her page out!

Destiny Thompson: Instagram @dthompsy

Category: Fashion & Lifestyle

Destiny Thompson has the most adorable style and hair I could only dream of. She has the cutest little boy named, Truman, with her husband. Her Instagram page is great for fashion inspiration (yep, another Like to Know It) and also provides hair goals as I would like to call it. She has a personal blog called Truly Destiny which features outfits, hair, and makeup tutorials. She also is always featuring different clothes from various boutiques, which makes it fun to find new places to shop!

Jaclyn Hill: Instagram @jaclynhill

Category: Makeup

First of all, how gorgeous is she!? I absolutely love her hair color–she pulls it off so well. Jaclyn is a makeup artist that has a YouTube channel that features incredible tutorials featuring drugstore and high-end makeup. Her Instagram page has 1.6 Million followers, and her YouTube channel has 2.2 Million followers! You probably recognize her face from Pinterest as a specific picture linked to her video about her “Flawless Face Foundation” tutorial, which re-pinned non stop (I looked up the video and it had 3.3 MILLION views). Point aside, she’s got a great, upbeat personality and always provides new makeup tips and looks to follow.

Steph, a.k.a. ‘White Coat Wardrobe’: Instagram: @whitecoatwardrobe

Category: Fashion

I love White Coat Wardrobe’s page because the outfits are easy to see and paired together as if they were at a store, showcasing which items look best with specific accessories. If you describe your style as preppy and girly, you’ll definitely want to follow this page! Steph shares she is a physician’s assistant and also has a website called White Coat Wardrobe.  She usually posts reasonably priced items, which is a bonus. Her outfits are great for casual and workwear. One of my favorites to follow!

What pages do you like to follow on Instagram? Comment below!


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