My Fitness Routine

My Fitness Routine

As it gets colder and darker, it seems harder to go to the gym. Am I only the one that feels that way? Regardless, it’s important to stay focused! Along with beauty and fashion, an active lifestyle is important to me. I’ve always been a runner, but after high school and college, I knew I was going to have to make adjustments for the calories I wasn’t going to burn by not being in a sport and working full time! Below is my routine (I am not a doctor, so make sure to consult before trying something new!)

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Weight is just a number, and what 130 lbs. looks on one body type may look completely different than another. Focus on inches and how your clothes fit–muscle weighs more than fat.
  2. Diet is key! Everyone has a different body and various needs. Consult with a dietician!
  3. Don’t expect immediate results. Allow 2-3 months for noticeable change.
  4. Allow your body to rest between workouts. Your muscle tissue breaks down and needs time to recover for you to be stronger!
  5. Don’t be afraid of weights. If you simply do cardio, you’re missing out on burning more calories and fat. Plus when you do lose weight, your body will be more toned! Don’t worry about bulking, just think low weight, high rep!

My Frame: I’m 5’2, 118 lb’s, I collect muscle easily  (especially in arms and thighs), I have a strong core, and a sprinter’s build. 118 can be considered ‘heavy’ for 5’2 according to the doctor, but I am a size 2. See how weight is just a number? This is what works for me and my body type:

A typical week (with details below)…

Day 1: Stretch, Abs (10 min), Pilates (10-15 min), Weights (15 min), Cardio (30 Min), Abs (10 min), Stretch.

Day 2: Stretch, Abs (15 min), High intensity cardio Intervals (15 min), Abs (10 min), Stretch.

Day 3: Rest! If you feel like you need to do something, walk or bike lightly for 20-30 minutes. Remember to RECOVER.

Day 4: Workout class: Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Kickboxing, Circuit Training, etc.

Day 5: Optional!! Stretch, (Abs 10 min), Light Weight Lifting or Cardio (20 min), Stretch.

Typical Day:

  • After stretching, I do abs (linked is my favorite Ab workout–you’ll need a 4-6 lb medicinal ball): Seated Russian Twist
  • 10 minute Pilate Session focusing on legs:  (All fours, extend leg straight & move up and down for 30X. Switch legs. Then, all fours, extend leg and bend knee at 90 degree angle towards sky & lift upward, 30 x each leg.) Repeat 2x.
  • Tricep Arm extension. Click to see video I use a 10 lb weight and do 10 reps. Rest and repeat. This is one workout you will see results pretty quickly!!
  • Squats with 10-15 lb medicine ball. Point toe’s outward to work inner thighs. 15 reps, repeat 2x.
  • Lunges with 6-8lb medicine ball. held in front of chest. For intensity, twist your body opposite direction to target abs. Switch sides on your next lunge.
  • Burpees Complete for 30 seconds and rest for 30. Repeat 3x.
  • Cardio: Running at an 9 min pace for about 20 minutes.
  • Stretch

Other Cardio Options I use:

  • Interval Running: Jog at 5.0 speed for 1 min, Run at 7.0 for 2 min. Repeat for 10 minutes & follow with light jog for 5 minutes.
  • Elliptical: 2 minutes moderate pace at highest elevation, then 30 seconds at highest speed you can go. Complete 4 times and then follow with moderate pace for 10 minutes at low or medium elevation.
  • Biking: use same format as interval running. For light or recovery days, use consistent, moderate pace for 25-30 min.
  • Jump Rope: Single/Double skip as fast as possible for 1 minute. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 5-7x. Don’t let this one fool you! You will be out of breath!

Let me know if you want to hear other workout options! I took a Circuit Training Class tonight that I absolutely loved. It’s perfect for toning, weight loss, and using all your muscle groups.

The most important message I want to get across in this blog is this: Whether you are a beginner or advanced, just get out there and try it! Keep your body guessing-if you do what you’ve always done, your body will look as it always has! Start with what’s comfortable and build on that and make sure to rest! Results will show, but results come with hard work and patience!

Until next time!

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