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Hi all! It has been way too long since i have done a blog and I send my deepest apologies! I did have a video and was so excited about it, however when I went to upload it I was having difficulties 🙁 The video will have to wait. For this blog, I decided to review the products I did in my video. Let’s get started!!

Revlon’s ‘Just Bitten’ Kissable Balm Stain $9

Looking for a finish that is between a balm and a lip gloss? These ‘sticks’ are my new go to! The best part is that not only are the colors true to form, but the color actually stays on your lips when the moisture dies after long wear! I was extremely impressed. My favorite colors are #15 in ‘Cherish’ (a beautiful baby pink) and #20 in ‘Lovesick’. A couple other brands to try is by Clinique (Chubby Stick) and Victoria Secret’s ‘Glossy Stick Lip Sheen’.

revlon just bitten

NYX’s Matte Bronzer $9

As I have mentioned in another video, it’s very difficult to find a bronzer that has no shimmer in it; not to say I don’t like a little shimmer here or there, but I like to be able add that on top of my matte bronzer. I usually use Benefit’s Bronzer in ‘Hulu’, but after hearing great reviews about NYX’s brand, I had to try it out. First of all, I tried multiple things from NYX’s while on a beauty hunt at Ulta with my roommate, Katelyn. Their lipsticks are fabulous and their lip liners are top of the line. I was equally impressed by the bronzer. It comes in ‘Light’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Dark’. I wear the ‘Medium’ shade. It stays on so well and it has a beautiful warm brown hue that compliments the skintone. Some bronzers can look ‘muddy’ and this is the furthest from that. I’m so happy with it I have even put aside my Benefit bronzer!

nyx matte bronzer

Maybelline’s ‘Rocket Volume Mascara’ $6

In my video that I did (I’m really sad it didn’t upload) I was laughing saying that I couldn’t believe I was saying this on video, but I may have found a mascara that I like just as much as the L’oreal Voluminous Mascara, which I have worn for 7 years. There, I said it! My lashes are long and I’ve had trouble finding mascaras that can separate the lashes, lengthen them, but also add volume. Although I do not think this one is better than my favorite kind, I will say I really like it! It’s something about the bristles.

rocket volume mascara

Let me know what you guys end up liking! If you haven’t seen some of my other videos, check out my Youtube channel 🙂

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Also, here was a sneak peek look from my original video.

  • Extensions: ‘Euronext’ (Found at Sally’s)
  • Scarf: Forever 21
  • Lipstick: Victoria Secret’s Glossy Tint Lip Sheen in ‘Manic Pink’
  • My new favorite perfume, ‘Daisy’ by Marc Jacobs

coral look

Have a good night everyone! Leave me a comment 🙂

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