Newly Engaged!

New year, new beginnings, right? That is an understatement for me this year!

Let’s just say at the end of January, the love of my life asked me to marry him. As much as we talked about it, it was completely unexpected and beyond memorable.

How he proposed

We had discussed for quite some time about having our parents officially meet. After all, we had been dating over a year and a half at this point, but due to our families living over an hour away, it just hadn’t happened yet. Finally, we got a date set for dinner. Nick and I had discussed where we should eat and I was all about eating on the north side of Indy to be convenient for my family, and he kept saying downtown. Looking back now, I laugh because Nick had told me after the fact that he knew he wanted to propose downtown Indianapolis, and it was hard for him to not let the secret out. Luckily “Devour Downtown” (a week that highlights restaurants by offering great specials on meals) was going on which sold us on a nice restaurant in downtown Indy.

Our parents had a great dinner at Harry and Izzy’s. “Whew, they all got along”, I thought. After dinner, we walked back to the “parking garage”, or so I thought. After walking what seemed like forever, I asked if we were going the correct way. Nick immediately turned right and told me he was glad I said something, because he wasn’t “paying attention”. We started to make our way to Monument Circle. At the time I didn’t think anything of it because we had parked close to there. I remember asking Nick questions and he simply wasn’t answering. I just thought he was in the zone trying to figure out where we were going. Then I realized how quiet my parents were, following behind us. I thought, “Man, I hope everything is okay, my mom is never this quiet”.  As we were walking, Nick pointed out these carriage rides and said, “look at those, how neat!” You can imagine my thoughts. “Did he just say that?” Not exactly a normal comment for Nick.

Earlier during dinner, Nick had mentioned to me over dinner that his brother and sister were downtown Indianapolis for an event. As we got closer to monument circle and after many ignorances to my questions (I guess he was slightly nervous), Nick points out his brother. Sure enough, we see his brother and sister-in-law with their two children by the carriage ride. We crossed the street to join them. As I turned to face them (the nephews were in the carriage), I noticed they were holding a sign. “Will you marry our uncle?” I was stunned, and there was Nick on one knee, asking me to marry him with our families surrounding us. Words can’t describe how I felt.

Every day I feel luckier to know I have my best friend for life. There’s no feeling like it! April of 2016 can’t come soon enough!

Let the wedding planning begin!

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