Our First Home: Updates Part I


About our home

For starters, Nick and I did not anticipate to buy as large as a home as we did (it’s not crazy in size, but essentially structured very well), which makes it seem big! Because we fell in love with the layout, the reasonable price-point, how well the former owner’s maintained it, and the lovely neighborhood it was in—we were sold! The home simply needed some updating.

Initial thoughts for updates:

  • Paint original wood trim to white
  • Change paint colors (lots of bright blue, lime green, and eggshell walls).
  • Stain/paint bathroom and kitchen cabinets
  • Replace carpet with LifeProof vinyl flooring.
  • Update light bulbs and fixtures

We knew the vinyl flooring and new paint would come at a price, however it was important to us as we felt it was the quickest way to update our home. We found a new product called LifeProof Vinyl (waterproof and scratch resistant), bought the paint 40% off at Sherwin Williams, and found an independent contractor for painting (highly suggest—so much cheaper!).

During move in weekend, Nick and his cousin worked to remove the trim in the areas that needed to be painted. We started moving things on Thursday and Friday, and the painters came on Monday. Needless to say I didn’t sit down for 3 days. Ay yi yi.

Paint Color: Living Room & Kitchen

After searching Pinterest for months about best shades and what colors Joanna Gaines uses, ultimately you really have to get samples and try it on your own wall. Lighting is EVERYTHING. Nick removed all yellow lighting for the bathrooms and replaced with “extra bright” lights and wowzers, talk about an immediate upgrade!

For our living room, below are the colors I tried. I figured I could reuse some in other bedrooms as well. From Left to Right: Alpaca, Agreeable Gray, Colonade Gray, and Pussywillow. (You can ignore the bathroom shades below those colors).

unnamed (1)

We decided on Agreeable Gray. It was neutral and didn’t have purple undertones like Alpaca did. Colonade Gray simply didn’t seem right for the living room, but we ended up putting it in our kitchen. Not sure why, but the shades didn’t end up looking that different from one another! Ultimately we were very pleased–way better than the before, but that’s just our opinion!

unnamed (3)

unnamed (2)

Paint Color: Bathrooms

This was a tough one, ultimately because I had to decide the look and feel of the room prior to picking out samples. Looking back at my Pinterest board I kept noticing I was choosing light and airy colors, mostly in the blue and green family. I decided to try Sea Salt, Silverstrand, and Silvermist. Sea Salt is more green based, Silverstrand more blue/gray, and Silver Strand was a nice combination of both, but overall a darker color. Silvermist seemed too dark so I had Sherwin Williams do a lighter color and we absolutely adore how it turned out!! PS- I’m linking my shower curtain I was telling you about on Instagram: Tassel Shower Curtain, $25





We still have a lot left to do, but wanted to share my progress along the way!

Upcoming next steps:

  • Put LifeProof Vinyl flooring in
  • Stain the bathroom cabinets
  • Change light fixtures
  • Update Kitchen Cabinets with Paint or Stain

Let me know what you think! Until next time,