Saks Fifth Avenue Collaboration with Trish McEvoy

I am beyond thrilled to share with you all about my collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue in Indianapolis as I had an opportunity to learn all about the Trish McEvoy brand! As most of you know, my love for beauty products and skincare is endless. I love learning about products, trying them out, and being able to recommend them to my friends, family, and my bridal clients.

For starters, I have never purchased a beauty item from Saks Fifth Avenue before. I think it’s because other items in the store are out of my price range, so I just never thought to visit for my beauty needs. After my experience, I will definitely be coming back! Not only are the beauty products no different in price, but Saks offers exclusive brands such as Giorgio Armani (who carries the infamous Luminous Silk Foundation that Kim Kardashian wears). After visiting, I have to share my experience was nothing short of fabulous. Not only was I greeted immediately, but I felt the associate really listened and catered towards my skincare needs. Plus it was a peaceful environment, which I really enjoyed.

About Trish McEvoy

If you are unfamiliar with Trish McEvoy, the brand has been around for over forty years. In the 1970’s, Trish actually began her career creating makeup tools. At that time, makeup applicators were not as developed as they are now (think sponge eyeshadow applicators). She received a huge following from makeup artists after creating new tools. She then partnered with her husband, who is a dermatologist, to create beauty that served dual purpose (think treatment for the skin, plus makeup), and opened one of the nation’s first medi-spas. Due to client demand, she continued with developing skincare and makeup. In 1995, Trish changed the face of makeup by developing and patenting a customizable Makeup Planner, the one-and-only portable makeup vanity. I will overview this at the end of the post–it’s a must see!

My Personal Experience
For my consultation, I met with Megan at the Trish McEvoy counter. After getting acquainted, I let Megan know that I rarely show a bare face due to redness in my skin, and that I was really self-conscious about that. After wiping my makeup off, Megan made me feel so comfortable and beautiful, even at my weakest moment! That really stuck with me. Needless to say, throughout the consultation, Megan was beyond informative, and walked me through many wonderful products that I will be sharing with you all! So let’s get to it!

Skin Care and Repair

Beta Hydroxy Pads Daily Exfoliator
Applied to a clean face, these pads exfoliate your skin by gently removing a layer of dead skin cells. After drying, an immediate radiance is brought back into your skin. After Megan used the pads on me, I looked into the mirror. I couldn’t believe it but my redness was gone and my skin glowed! Talk about an immediate confidence boost! These pads also help prepare for any treatment products to better absorb. I would recommend these to anyone, especially for my bride to be’s that are looking for that extra skincare a few months prior to their wedding day.

Beauty Boost Serum
Beauty Booster Serum
Speaking of radiance, I have to mention the Beauty Booster Serum. First of all, the fact that Trish’s husband is a dermatologist is something I find so valuable about her brand. To me, it proves that her skincare line puts treatment and health of the skin into the forefront. The Beauty Booster Serum does just that. This serum includes 30% Hyaluronic Acid, plus Dual Action Peptides, and tops it off with powerful antioxidants to minimize lines and enhance complexion. If you are unfamiliar, Hyaluronic Acid helps retain moisture. To prove it, Megan applied the serum to the back of her hand and sprayed water on it, and then sprayed just water on her other hand. The hand with the serum held in the water, whereas the other hand it dripped right off. Another staple to add to your routine!


For my makeup look, Megan decided on a soft bridal look. We first played up my eyes with beautiful purple-browns, opting for a smokey eye technique. As a bridal makeup artist, I could not get over the selection of eyeshadows, and the ability to take the colors from day to night. One of my favorite eye products Megan used was the 24-hour Shadow and Liner Stick. Cream based, it dries and stays on all day. If you are looking for a no frills, simple product to add to your routine–this is it! Rose Quartz and Smokey Quartz are my favorite colors!

After working wonders on my eyes, Megan started on foundation. She used the Even Skin Water Foundation on me. I couldn’t believe how little of product she used, yet it still had great coverage! Plus, it already has a primer in it, which is an added bonus. Working to correct my under eye area next, I wished Megan luck. I have some SERIOUS dark circles that are unfortunately genetic. They pretty much look like I permanently don’t get sleep. Lucky for me, Megan introduced me to my hands down new favorite product called, “Instant Eye Lift” in the pink shade (or what I consider under eye magic).

Megan applied it in what she called “Trish’s Triangle of Light”, which is an upside down triangle under the eye. I had to keep looking in the mirror after she applied it because I was so stunned. Pink in tone, it somehow brightened my under eye, yet worked as a concealer in color. When it says Instant Eye Lift, it is no joke. It’s a treatment that brightens darkness, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and puffiness. I can honestly say, my dark circles and puffiness were the most minimized I have ever seen after applying a corrector. As part of the collaboration, I was able to take this product home for keeps. Even if I didn’t, I would have bought it on the spot. I am recommending this to everyone I know!

To finish my look, Megan applied translucent powder, added a beautiful soft pink/coral blush, and topped with a dusting of bronzer. She topped my lips off with a perfect pink lipstick in shade “Pink Vibrant” and added a subtle Beauty Booster lip gloss in shade “Pretty Pink”. I felt so beautiful!

Makeup Planner

Makeup Planner
Now that we’ve discussed the products, this is where the planner steps in. It’s a fully customizable makeup organizer. The planner mimics an actual planner (just like turning a planner page by page), you can flip through a removable pouch, and a refillable, mirrored “wardrobe page” which fits any combination of Trish eye and face colors. The back pockets allow for holding other products. Talk about organization and convenience! You can also buy exclusive pre-built planners. These planners are great for anyone, but definitely for someone who travels or for a bride to be who really wants to build her kit!

After my experience at Saks and learning about Trish McEvoy, I have a completely new appreciation towards her line! It’s no wonder that Trish McEvoy is one of the leading independent cosmetic brands in the industry. If you live in Indianapolis, I would highly recommend stopping in at Saks to the beauty department! Make sure to visit the Trish McEvoy counter to try some of the products I shared and to see the makeup planners in real life. Once you hold it and walk through it, you’ll have a new item on your wishlist! Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@brittbts). I will be discussing the products and answering any questions you may have on there!

A sincere thank you to Jessica and Megan with Saks Fifth Avenue for the collaboration and opportunity.

Until next time,

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