Spring forward into fashion!

As we make our way into the middle of March, my excitement continues as I shop the racks of stores to get ready for summer clothing! I am so glad to see COLOR!! Right now, that bright coral color is my personal favorite.

I have a feeling this spring and summer is going to be one of my favorite years for trends. I tend to like simple, classy, and 50’s and 60’s inspired clothing. I’ve been seeing a lot of stripes, bright colors, and jewelry is very feminine and timeless. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite looks I have seen so far!

1. Pair your stripes with a splash of color!

Nothing looks more fun and feminine than this combination. If you are looking for colored shorts, Target is a great place to start. I attached the link directly to their Mossimo brand. When looking for shorts, it’s important to get a folded hem or to look for detail. It dresses the shorts up and they look age appropriate–no cheek shots here ladies!! As for pairing stripes with colored bottoms, if you aren’t a fan of stripes, another option is to pair your colored bottoms with a lace detailed top!

stripes and pinkcoral bottoms

2. Maxi’s to the max…

I’m a really big fan of Maxi dresses. However being short they are difficult to find for my height. Regardless, they are comfortable, can be worn casual or dressy, and they are simply feminine. Something I noticed about this trend was that not only was it so popular last year and that we are seeing them in the stores again, but they are coming back with more detail, more color, and they are a little fancier. Take the pink one below for example: notice the combination of color and material? The cross back and added bow makes it stand out much more. We are also seeing the low-high style in a classier way. I’m dying to see where I can find the black and white dress at!!

maxiblack and white dress

3. Gold…and then some

I’m a jewelry girl–I’ll thank my Mom for that! She’s right though, you can never have enough! Jewelry is my ‘completer’ for my looks. Okay, maybe shoes too..However, being more simple in my jewelry taste, I have been looking for ways to spice my look up. Right now, I have really loved taking thin pieces and layering them together like shown below. As for the necklace, it’s a statement piece. Usually my statement pieces involve color, but with this type of detail, the gold stands alone!


If you haven’t shopped lately, I hope this gives you a reason to! Go out and buy you something you’ve been eyeing!! You deserve it!! Check out my Pinterest for more of my favorite looks!

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I’m going to attach my newest video in here as well. It’s about some of my favorite products!!

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