Styling my hair: A technique and product guide

Styling Fine Hair

Let me start by saying I have never been much of a hair person. Mostly because when you have fine, easily damaged hair, it can be difficult to manage. With that said, you also have to work with what you have. Since I became engaged, I have been growing my hair out for my wedding in April. I am FINALLY out of the awkward-length stage. After about 10 years, I have also mastered the styling that works for my type of hair–which is by curling it. About time, right? I’ll walk you through a list of products I use and then will guide you with steps I take to do my hair! Best part is it hardly takes any time and you can wear it the next day with the right tools!

Color-treated hair: Shampoo and Conditioner

Take care of what you paid for. If you are going to get highlights, help protect your hair and the color! For color protecting shampoo, I love Biolage Colorlast Shampoo. As for conditioner, I just really need something that is hydrating; do yourself a favor and purchase Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Conditioner. It hydrates, conditions, and doesn’t weigh down fine hair. It’s a-maz-ing and I have been using it for two years.

Heat Protector

Product for this, product for that…but if you are going to style your hair with heat, add on that protection. I currently love Tresemme’s Heat Tamer Spray that can be found at a drugstore for $5.


Texture is important for my fine hair. One thing I love about wearing my hair curly is that you can get away with a day or two of unwashed hair. Batiste Dry Shampoo will become your best friend if you haven’t already been introduced. It’s an incredible dry shampoo that helps rid the oil while adding texture and volume to your hair for that next day wear. Are you starting with freshly washed and dried hair? I recently found something at Ulta I have been searching forever for. It’s a root lifter that comes out like a hair spray vs. a mousse! It’s by L’Oreal and is perfect for “back combing”. It’s called L’Oreal Boost It High Creation Spray, $5.


Lock in Place

I have two hair sprays that I love; one is from the drugstore and the other can be found at Ulta, but is pricier. The drugstore option is Tresemme’s “Tres Two Hair Spray” in Level 4 for around $4. It does the trick by keeping hair in place and still allowing movement. My new favorite hairspray is by Kenra. It’s called “Kenra Professional Volume Spray” and I buy the “Super Hold Finishing Spray 25”. The hold is similar to the Tresemme but it has a great smell and adds shine which is a great bonus.


Technique for Styling

  • I wash my hair at night after working out. I always let it air dry to help keep my hair from damaging more (by blow drying it). I spray on my heat protector right after the shower and comb through.

  • After waking up and re-brushing my hair, I turn on my 25 mm Nume Curling Wand (my new favorite curling iron!). Next step is to section my hair in half. I don’t always do this if I’m in a hurry. My hair is finally long enough that I don’t always have to section it! Cheers for long hair!

  • After sectioning my hair in half and pinning it in a clip, I take about 1 inch of hair and wrap it around the barrel. Now that my hair is longer, this part is so much easier! I always wrap away from the face and leave my ends out. Hold for 5-8 seconds, and release. Repeat.

  • After getting the bottom section done, I add the texture spray to my roots and tease before curling the top half of my hair.

  •  After all my hair is curled, I let my hair cool for 10 minutes. I usually do my makeup at this point.

  • After it has cooled, I take a brush and lightly comb through it to create that “wave” look. If you would rather have it not so uniform-looking, simply use your fingers to comb through and tousle the curls.

  • Sometimes I tease my crown, but not always. I then finish with my hair spray!

Britt Tip:

Spray your cooled locks with a little hair spray in the front and on the side sections. Pull your hair in the direction away from your face (like your stretching your hair out horizontally), and spray your hair while doing this. This helps makes your hair look thicker and more full! It’s a lifesaver for me and such an easy trick!


There you have it! Do you have any special styling tricks? Let me know on Instagram! Follow me @brittbehindthescenes



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