Sweaters & Holiday outfits to get you through the winter

I was going through my closet the other night and realized I hardly had any sweaters or outfits for the winter (as last summer I cleaned out my closet & donated old clothes). It’s such a catch 22 working in a profession where I have to dress up daily. Unfortunately, those fuzzy, long, “cover your butt” sweaters don’t make make the list for my work attire. So–I have been on a hunt; sweaters for work, sweaters for the weekend, and versatile winter looks for the holiday season. And although it is holiday time and we are out shopping for others, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the sales for yourself as well! Let’s go through some common winter outfit issues, and talk about some ideas to add your wardrobe!

I have a holiday party coming up, but I’m not sure how fancy it will be. I’ve asked around and no one knows. What do I wear!?

Been there, done that. Personally, I would rather be over dressed than under dressed in most situations, but luckily for a holiday party, you can stick to something basic and utilize accessories to dress your look up.

  • For the dress lovers, I think patterned tights are a wonderful way to vamp up a plain dress, without being “too” much. My favorite patterned tights are polka dots. They are great for the holidays but can also be incorporated with a skirt for work.
  • If you want to wear a dress, look for something with lace. Lace is feminine, but it isn’t overwhelmingly fancy, which is perfect if you aren’t sure what to wear. Look for black, red, or dark green to get in the holiday spirit. I personally love Ann Taylor Loft’s black option below!
  • If you are in a pinch, and really don’t want to go out and buy something new–there are definitely ways to spruce up a simple dress. Pull out that little black dress, and add a statement necklace, some fun heels, and top it off with a red lip!

Sheer Polka Dot Hose at Nordstrom ($11 or 3/$30) | Scallop Long Sleeve Lace Dress ($50 SALE!) |Another Lace dress option from Ann Taylor Loft Here |Red Soprana Dress from Nordstroms $58 (in black too)|Aldo Redonda Heels at DSW $60 |Statement Necklace by Forever 21 ($15)

I love the over-sized sweater look, but I feel like I’m “drowning” in them. Help!

My 5’2″ self couldn’t agree with you any more. It’s a struggle when the trend is loose and long fitting. It might as well be a dress on me. But whether you are short or tall, the look of “drowning” in the sweater has to do with where the sweater hits your legs, and how bulky it is. Taller girls can get away with more bulk and length, but regardless of height, there is still a good length for everyone. Look for “split hems” (slightly longer in back than the front), and clean lines to avoid the drowning look. Below are a few of my favorite sweaters. Add a floppy hat to complete your look! Britt tip: If you are wearing leggings under your sweater, petite girls should opt for knee length boots as it will give you the illusion of longer legs (as opposed to ankle boots).

Mixed Stitch Turtleneck by AE, $45 | Maroon Split Him Sweater at Nordstrom, $42 | Chelsea28 Turtleneck Sweater at Nordstrom $49 | Relaxed Turtleneck Tunic at Ann Taylor Loft, $29-SALE!

*Britt tip: If you shop at Nordstrom online (because they always have free shipping) make sure to fill out their new form called “True Fit”. It will ask you a list of questions about your height and body type, the place that your jeans fit best, etc. That way when you shop, it takes the article of clothing you’re looking at and actually recommends a size for you, based on your “true fit”. So let’s say you are a size Small in tops, and you are looking at buying a sweater (that ends up being a tighter fit), “True Fit” would suggest a Medium for you. This is a lifesaver when it comes to shopping for clothes online!

I want to find a sweater that I can wear to work, but also wear for holiday pictures, or just out and about. What should I look for?

Shopping for something versatile doesn’t have to be difficult.  Look for something simple, but something that has some added flare. This way you feel appropriate for work, but still can showcase your personality for any other occasion. Maybe it’s lace, or maybe it’s a little embellishment. Target, J. Crew Factory, Nordstrom, and Ann Taylor Loft will become your best friend in this area. If you opt out of the “embellishment” for your sweater, add back some sparkle for holiday pictures with a statement necklace!

Target Embellished Sweater (comes in pink & gray!) $21 | J. Crew Factory Lace Pullover (comes in dark gray & tan) $52 | Crew neck Shimmer Polka Dot, New York & Company $24 SALE!

I’ve pinned countless winter outfits on Pinterest, but struggle putting things together myself!

First of all, amen for Pinterest. Secondly, don’t rule out your current closet. Lastly, you pin your favorite things for a reason. Go through your “winter outfits” board and look to see if there is a trend you keep pinning. Select 3 looks you like the best, and start there. Chances are you already own that something that can be part of the “look” you love so much.

Don’t have an item in your closet that will make the outfits work? Sounds like you may have to do some shopping–but don’t just buy that one patterned dress shirt that looks so great with a vest, buy 3. Chances are if you love that look so much, you are going to want to repeat the look. So now, not only do you have a look you love, but you have a few other options since you bought different patterns. Most stores offer Buy 1, get 1 50% off, or during this time of year just have half off everything, so you can get 2 for the price of one regardless.

Need some outfit inspiration? Check out my Winter Pinterest board for some looks to add to your wardrobe!

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