Tried & True

Tried and True
As part of my new online newsletter, “Tried and True” will serve as a series of posts of all my favorite products. Make sure to visit the “Newsletter” tabs for other fun categories!

Tried & True: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

This is not one of those “if you were on an island and can only bring one thing” (which would be mascara for me), but more so what makes the most difference in my daily routine. Blame it on my large pores or oily T-zone, but if I didn’t use this before my foundation, it’s incredibly noticeable. To even think the thought of not using it is a little scary (I realize, I’m attached)–but that’s just how much this product wows me. The key is to let your moisturizer sit in a few minutes before applying, and then let the primer soak in at least a couple of minutes. This makes all the difference in application for me. You can find it here with free shipping: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Tried and True: Kenra’s Volume Spray 25

As a product junkie, I love trying new things. However, when I find something I love, I buy it on repeat. This tried and true is a daily favorite. I have fine hair and typically curl my hair. I always want something that will hold my locks but not weigh me down or be sticky in formula. There is a reason Kenra’s Volume Spray 25 is a Stylist Choice Award winner. This product never lets me down! You can find it here: Kenra’s Volume Spray 25

Tried & True: The BEST lilac polish

Is it just me or is it difficult to find a pale purple that isn’t overbearing? Don’t get me wrong, I love fun colors but sometimes you want something classic with a twist. Look no further than Essie’s Nail Polish in St. Lucia Lilac. It’s an older one, but one I definitely plan to repurchase. How many polishes can you say that about? You can find it on Amazon here.