Update: Life Lately


First of all, I have to apologize for being absent in writing a blog post in so long! I wanted to update you with what has been keeping me busy in my life!

For those who don’t know, my husband and I got married last April. We have been in our apartment for nearly two years, and after we got married we were hopeful to buy a home that we had been saving for. However, we found out his company was most likely going to go through a merger. We weren’t sure what would happen to his job if it went through. Home-buying got put on hold. Hearsay told us that if he stayed in his role, he may have to relocate to Iowa. Everything was “a possibility” or “potentially could or could not happen”. Growing up in Indiana with no intention to leave, you can imagine the stress. Then, the thought of potentially having a family states away from our family just killed me. We prayed about it, a lot. You really have to put your trust in that things happen when and how they are supposed to. Writing this, it may sound minuscule, but I felt like our life was on hold for everything.

A year later, and two short-term leases renewed, Nick received word about a potentially opportunity. A role that was within is company, but in a different area—that would keep him safe from the merger. Our personal goal was to stay in Indianapolis; this role really needed him to be on the Southside of Indianapolis—I couldn’t have been happier. Sure, we didn’t expect to move from the Northside, but I could still work at my job as commute time did not change for me, we were able to buy a home, and guess what—Nick could have a secure job within his company. We were on vacation with his family when we found out. We just had breakfast and were walking back to the hotel when we got the call. I honestly couldn’t have been happier or more proud of him. He works SO hard, and never complained during the entire year of being unsure of what would happen to HIM, which affected US. It’s one of the reasons I love him so much—he really has an ability to stay calm in the most stressful situations. I on the other hand am totally opposite!

So, the reason I have been absent is because we basically had to find a home in about a month as our lease was coming up for renewal (this June). I’m happy to share we have officially bought a home and close in May. I couldn’t be happier! On that note, our one year wedding anniversary is this Sunday. I feel so blessed to do life with him. Thank you so much for all your patience. For all my bride to be’s out there–know life isn’t perfect, but you can get through anything with your best friend and love of your life! Can’t wait to keep you posted on before and after home renovations! Cheers to DIY, lots of paint, and endless runs to Home Depot!

If anyone has any favorite home products, landscaping tips, paint colors to share–please let me know. I’m all ears!

Until next time,