Lipstick for Wedding Day

Lipstick for Wedding Day

I had a friend recently become engaged and it immediately brought me back to that butterfly stage of all the fun planning and excitement that comes with weddings! As for any bride, there are plenty of decisions to make.

Looking back to my special day, one of the most tedious decisions I had to make was choosing my lipstick color and consistency. I couldn’t believe I had so much trouble finding a shade! I knew I wanted something to show (up as wedding photography can drown you out), yet I didn’t want to look like a clown or too harsh either.

With that said, I wanted to walk through the importance of understanding lipstick consistency first and then get into some recommended shades. I do bridal makeup in the Indianapolis area and definitely have some tried and true options for all complexions!

Let’s talk consistency…

Matte Liquid Lipstick/Matte Lipstick: If you do not mind your lips feeling dry, this is a great option due to the longevity of the color. Personally, I really dislike how matte lip products feel on my lips, so this was a no-go for me. Not sure? Consider adding a lip balm before application, or top with gloss after your ceremony. This way you can have the color you want with less dryness. I would definitely test this type if you haven’t before. Check out Tarte and NYX Cosmetics liquid lipsticks as well as MAC’s mattifying lipsticks for some great options.

Satin: Ooh satin, how you fill my purse with lipsticks. Satin is hands down my favorite consistency of lipstick. Satin glides on easily, has a bit of shine to it, but is nor glossy or matte. I find that it adheres to the lips the best without melting into lines, etc. However, please know that satin it is not going to provide a super long wear. Needless to say, I made it work for my wedding day. I found a color I adored, and went through special steps to make it last. We’ll get to those steps at little later.

Gloss: I love a good gloss, but there are so many variations of it! You need to double check the level of opacity (if it dries, does it try with color?) and is it long wearing (hello no touch ups, but hello lipstick on the groom). I recommend using a pigmented gloss for pictures, but keeping with satin or a long wear lipstick for the ceremony.

Long Wear Lipstick/Stains: If I am looking for something truly long wearing, I prefer this area compared to a matte liquid lipstick. However, please keep in mind that just because a product claims it’s a long wear doesn’t mean it will last as long as you want it to or feel the way you were expecting. Everyone has different preferences and this is why makeup stores and counters will become your best friend! One of my new favorite lip stains is from MAC. Definitely worth trying on!

Looking for Lip colors…

First and foremost, what colors do you naturally gravitate to? For me, it’s “purply-pinks” and wines. For your wedding day, you want to look like you, but more enhanced. I knew the “purply-pinks” were out of the question for me just because it didn’t have that traditional look and feel I was going for. Lipsticks are tough because every color has such a different hue. Be willing to try it on even if you aren’t sure. Ask about the difference of tones in lipsticks and how it will look on your skin. Speaking of trying lipstick on, below are some of my favorite tips:

Britt Tip: Always start with a little foundation or concealer on your lips before trying wedding lipstick on. Your makeup artist should do this on your wedding day to prepare for long wear lips. If they don’t, make sure they do! This also ensures you are truly seeing the color for what it is.

Britt Tip 2: Don’t be afraid of the tube! I remember my wedding lipstick looking very red in the tube. However, when I tried it on it ended up being a gorgeous pink/wine/red and it’s what I chose for my wedding day. It’s easy to get discouraged when you can’t find the right color. Simply ask for a wet wipe, add some foundation, and then your on to the next color!

Last but not least, Bring your mom, a close friend, or someone who knows you best to go lipstick shopping for your wedding day. Having someone there who has known you for years will be able to help you choose when you are confused. I remember when my mom came with me and I was getting frustrated, and we finally found one last one to try, and she goes, “THAT’s IT!”

Now what you’ve all been waiting for…

My favorite bridal lip colors

I’ve done quite a bit of bridal makeup, and every skin tone is so different. I thought it would be helpful to list my hands down favorite shades for whatever color range you are interested in. Below you’ll see some swatches of my personal favorites, and then below that I have listed some other beautiful bridal options.

From left to right:

‘Brownie’-Bobbi Brown
‘Captive’-MAC (what I wore on my wedding day!)
‘Love Child’-MAC gloss



Brownie Pinks/Pinks

‘Twig’ by MAC
‘Brownie’ by Bobbi Brown
‘Infamous’-Estee Lauder

Baby Pinks

‘Creme Cup’ by MAC-not long wear, use matching lip liner to help longevity!
‘Snob’ by MAC-can use a brown liner to lessen the pink
‘Tokyo’ by NYXmatte formula


‘Captive’ by MAC-what I wore on my wedding day!
‘Reckless’-by Estee Lauder
‘Odyssey’ by MAC
‘Love Child’ by MACall time favorite gloss & color for brides

Normally don’t suggest reds unless retro theme or bride’s style
‘Jungle Red’ by Narssemi matte formula 
‘RED’ by MAC
Ruby Woo by MAC-matte formula

Lip Pencils

‘Soar’ by MAC-brown undertones, good for pinks/mauves
‘Bordeaux’ by Milani-good for wines/reds
‘Half Red’ by MACred undertones, good for wines/reds

Here is what my lipstick looked like after 4 hours of wear on my wedding day. This was a satin and you can see it was worn a little bit here, but not bad at all for no touch ups at this point!

Wedding Day
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There you have it! I’m sure there are many other wonderful options, but these are ones I have tried myself. Make sure to comment on my Instagram @Brittbehindthescenes if you have any favorites to share with others.

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time,