Meeting with Your Florist

meeting with your florist

So you have decided what colors you would like to incorporate for your wedding day and maybe even have a special flower you want use in your bouquet. Is that enough detail to know for your florist meeting?

Not necessarily. There is nothing wrong with not knowing everything prior to your meeting, but there are some things to think about that will help your florist understand your vision better. I remember when I had my florist meeting, I thought I was prepared because I knew what type of flowers I liked. But there is so much more to it than that! Needless to say, my mom and I were there for two hours and I was trying to answer things I hadn’t thought of previously. So, let’s get into what you should expect from the meeting, how you can prepare to be able to answer as much as possible, and also discuss the ways your florist can help you!

The first thing your florist should ask you is what look and feel you want for your wedding day. This is where a Pinterest board comes in handy. Maybe you haven’t found the exact picture of what you want, but perhaps a combination of elements from a few pictures will do the trick. If you aren’t sure what flowers specifically, describe the feeling you want to convey. For me, it was romantic, traditional, and elegant.

Flower Types
It’s okay to walk in not knowing the exact flowers you want for your wedding. Start with your theme, and a color scheme if possible. If you do know a specific flower, make sure to ask if it’s a special order flower as this can add to the cost. For me, I knew I wanted to include peonies for my special day. However, I found out they were a special order and learned that they would be too expensive to use in all of our centerpieces. To adjust on price, we only used them in one of the three centerpiece ideas I had as well as in my wedding bouquet.

Flower Size
This is an important topic. Let’s say you want a larger centerpiece and you really like a specific flower. How large is that flower, and how many of them will it take to fill the centerpiece? Are you comfortable with various fillers, or would you rather incorporate a mixture of flowers? If you are on a budget, the quickest way to find out is to ask for a price quote for that centerpiece. For example, I knew I wanted blush roses. Roses aren’t overly large in size and it was going to be too pricey to do mostly roses for the centerpiece I wanted. With that said, my florist recommended using hydrangeas as well. She knew they still fit my theme of blush, ivory and soft green, but it also reduced my cost per centerpiece since hydrangeas are larger in size and we didn’t need many to fill.

Bridal Bouquet
Another element in relation to size is to showcase how large you want your bridal bouquet to be. I have seen very small bouquets, and some that hang down to the knee on the bride. I would try to physically show the florist what size you want (they should have some fake bouquets on hand). Being petite, I did not want my flowers to overpower me or my dress–instead I wanted it to compliment me. Here was my bridal bouquet (I almost cried when I saw it, it was simply breathtaking).

©Britt Behind the Scenes

©Britt Behind the Scenes

If you have an idea of what you want to use for your centerpiece, I would physically bring it with you. If you don’t, simply save pictures of what you would like to use. The florist will be able to determine how many flowers you will need for your centerpiece.

Other Elements

  • Boutonniere for Groom and groomsmen
  • Mother of Bride/Groom flowers (Corsage, wrist corsage, or mini bouquet)
  • Grandmothers of Bride/Groom flowers (same as above)
  • Church pew arrangements (we made ours!)
  • Altar centerpiece (we did not use one)
  • Color of ribbon for bouquet (if you want to use).We used ribbon and also part of my grandmother’s wedding dress for the handle of my bouquet

Speak up
When it comes to wedding flowers, make sure to share anything you absolutely don’t want to include. Whether it’s a specific color, flower type, or greenery, you’ll want to let your florist know. Sometimes brides go in saying, “whatever you think is best”, and then the florist uses a detail that maybe you really didn’t want. Don’t be surprised on your wedding day!

Price Quote
After your meeting, simply ask your florist to provide you with a line-item price quote for all the elements you want to include. When I met with mine, we had already discussed some cost-saving alternatives. I recommend asking suggestions if you are on your budget. This way, when you receive your price quote, you automatically know how you can reduce it.

Need some inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board for some of my favorite floral ideas. Want to read about our wedding? You can find that post here.

Until next time,